Pediatric Dentist with Special Needs Care in Leesburg, VA

Please call our office to share clues about your child’s medical and dental needs so that we can work to accommodate and provide personalized care to our new detective, for a safe and happy dental visit!

As pediatric dentists, we are not only the specialists dedicated to the proper dental care and oral health habits of children, but we are also the skilled professionals trained to treat those individuals with special health care needs. Any child or adult that has limiting medical, physical, mental or behavioral conditions that require particular dental care are welcome to visit us at Tooth Clues.

As special needs dentists, we have the ability to adapt our services to the comfort and needs of our patients. Often times it is difficult for patients with special needs to feel comfortable in a dental setting as they struggle with challenges of hypersensitivity to sound or light and even oral aversion. And as a result, these patients are at high risk for dental problems and infections due to the numerous challenges faced to receive proper dental care. 

Tooth Clues will always be a welcoming environment to our special patients as Dr. Takiar has extensive experience treating individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and various other congenital dental and medical conditions.