In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please be assured that we are constantly reviewing and following all the necessary precautions and guidelines indicated by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the ADA (American Dental Association), the Virginia Department of Health and Virginia State Dental Board, in order to control and stop the spread of the virus. The safety and health of all our young detectives and their families is our utmost priority. 

Therefore, you may notice some changes when you next visit us:

  1. As always, we appreciate that you arrive on time for your appointment, but request that you please call us from your car to check in. 
  2. We will prescreen your family with a simple and quick questionnaire. We will either have you come straight in or will request for you to wait in your car, and will call you once it is safe to enter our detective agency. If a patient or family member indicates symptoms of COVID-19 or is feeling unwell, we will kindly reschedule the appointment.
  3. Upon entering the office, we will take your and your child’s temperature and request you to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands prior to escorting you to the clinical area.

In order to ensure the safety of others, we also request that:

  1. All parents and patients must wear a mask for the entirety of the visit within our office, except the patient when he/she is receiving treatment. Exceptions will be granted for children with special needs or those children too young to comply. 
  2. For all appointments, we ask that only the patient and one parent attend. Only those detectives with an appointment will be allowed to enter the clinical area.

Additionally at Tooth Clues, we are doing our part to ensure that we can continue to provide exceptional care to our detectives:

  1. We temperature check all staff agents each morning. 
  2. All agents within our office will be wearing face masks at all times.
  3. In order to ensure sufficient air purification and pathogen removal, HEPA air filters are strategically placed within our office.
  4. And our infection control policies have been comprehensively overhauled to ensure adequate sanitization before and after each patient visit. 

However, with all these safety precautions in place, if you do not feel comfortable visiting us personally in our detective agency, Tooth Clues does offer a teledentistry service. Via telephone or video conferencing, you can speak with Dr. Takiar safely from the comfort of your home. These teledentistry appointments can be very helpful to meet Dr. Takiar, address your child’s dental concerns and also discuss the need for any future in-person visits. To request a teledentistry appointment, please complete the Teledentistry Appointment Request form. Once submitted, a dental agent from Tooth Clues will be in touch by the end of the next business day to confirm your appointment time.

We truly appreciate your patience and support as we navigate this pandemic and control the virus’ spread.